A GPS Time Tracker for Your Workforce

Experience the efficiency of modern Workforce Management and keep your workforce accounted for with Workloggers flexible time tracker with GPS documentation.

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Invoicing with mail tracking

EAN/GLN invoicing





Items and products

Material and machine hours reporting

Automatic mileage book

Documentation – Photo/Video/Files

Customer approval – signatur function


Integrations to accounting and payroll systems


GPS documentation

 SmartGEO, LiveGEO and GEOfencing

SmartGEO lets you see where and when they met at work, went to/from break, and left the workplace.

GEOfencing lets you define specific geographic areas where your employees can clock in/out.

LiveGEO gives you a geographic overview of which you have never experienced before. You can be at your office, out with a customer or at home in the couch. Wherever you are, you can always check and see where all your employees are in real time. With LiveGEO you can accurately document who did what, where and when.

Mobile/Web Tracking time

 Easy time reporting

It is super easy to register time on different projects in Worklogger, this means that more hours will be invoiced correctly, since you will never have to guess who did what and when. Since the employee’s registered time is the basis for his salary, the employee will remember to record his hours.

Faster overview and better control

When the hours are registered on the projects, it is easy to get an overview of which employees have worked on the various projects and which activities they have done. Once the work is approved by a mangager, you can quickly create the invoice, either directly in Worklogger, or use the reported hours as the basis for invoicing in any other system. If you are using Dinero or e-conomic, your invoice can be booked directly in your financial system from Worklogger.

Signatur function

Customer authentication / signature functionality

If you need to work hours approved by the customer before you can bill them, our signature function is for you.

Signature from customer

It works in such a way that when the employee needs his hours approved, he chooses the project/case and the day/week in the app. Then he finds his contact person from the customer, who will then receive a PIN code by SMS on his phone, which must he must entered before signing the hours on the employee’s phone, just as you do when you sign for package deliveries.

Remote signature

It is also possible to send the hours to directly to the contact person for signing. In this way, instead of a PIN kode, the contact person will receive an SMS with a link , where the contact person can sign workhours directly from his own phone, instead of signing on the employee’s phone with a PIN kode.

Once the contact has signed, we will save time, GPS position and signature together as documentation, the hours will be locked in the system and are ready for invoicing.

Material reporting

 Material reporting

Materials, machine hours and any other usage/consumption of any kind can be registered directly in Worklogger. You can then transfer the entries directly to the invoice, either in Worklogger, or it can be used as the basis for invoicing in any other system. If you use Dinero or e-conomic, the invoice can be booked directly in your accounting system from Worklogger.

Material reporting with the Worklogger App

You and your employees can report material/item usage on projects, directly from the field via the Worklogger App. There after, the entries are ready in Worklogger for approval before invoicing. You can choose which materials/items, that should be available in the app, since it is not always preferable to have your entire product catalog available for in the app.

Image documentation

 Easy Image Documentation

Images and other quality assurance documentation can be uploaded via the App directly to the project, this eliminates the need to archive paper forms in binders and sort images from digital cameras or phones. With Worklogger, the documentation will be ready immediately, and it is easily shared with project leaders, supervisors, customers and/or other people who needs to follow the project.

Before/during/after Image Documentation

You can take images and upload to a project before, during and after work is performed. This greatly enhances your work documentation. You can upload pictures, videos and other documentation to a project, this makes sure that that all participants in the project can follow the work and see what has happened throughout the process.

Everything under one roof!

All types of documents can be stored directly on a project, this makes sure everything is gathered in one place, so if you have drawings, pictures, video clips, offers, notes to the customer or something else entirely,  you can keep track of it with Worklogger.

Automatic mileage log

 Automatic Milage Logging

Our app can act as an automatic electronic milage book. Your employees can choose a specific project, and upon arrival automatically get reported mileage directly on the project.

Synchronization for e-conomic

If you use the project management add-on in e-conomic, you can automatically get the milage synchronized to e-conomic.

Put the pen and block on the shelf!

With our automatic milage book, you can put a pen and block on the shelf. No more half-completed milage books.



 Book invoices directly in e-conomic or Dinero

The projects are updated instantly with the actual hours and material usage. Creating invoices hereafter is done easily, thus getting the customer’s payments quickly into your account. The fast process from reporting hours/materials to invoicing is one of the major benefits of using Worklogger. If you already have e-conomic or Dinero, you can integrate Worklogger to them. This integration gives you all the benefits of our simple and user-friendly features, while creating customers, goods / materials and invoices directly in your accounting system.

EAN/GLN invoicing

All invoices and credit notes can be printed or saved as PDF files. They can also be sent via e-mail or EAN/GLN directly from Worklogger.