Perfect conversion to

ekontoret has made more than 2000 conversions and has automated parts of the process to ensure that you as a customer get your data properly transfered – and to ensure that it is done correctly EVERY TIME WE DO IT!

Do as thousands of others – switch to e-conomic!

BUT let the professionals do it for you!

eKontoret specializes in converting companies from their old (and often too expensive) accounting systems to e-conomic.

Chat with us today or contact eKontoret yourself to learn more about the possibilities of switching to e-conomic.

Some facts about eKontoret:

  • They have made over 2,000 conversions to e-conomic
  • They make over 100 conversions to e-conomic every month
  • They have standard offers (fixed price) on over 25 systems (conversion from X to e-conomic)
  • In total, they have converted from 50+ different systems to e-conomic

And they’ve moved the limit of what’s possible to convert, for example:

  • They convert notes (debtors, creditors and goods), which, to our knowledge, no one else can do, because it can not be imported through the API.
  • They can give the customer access to invoice history after a conversion (including invoice lines), and soon they can do the same with project history.
  • They have converted customers (large customers) where they have extracted scanned attachments from their old system (eg Navision / DocumentCapture) and attached these attachments to the correct entries in doing the conversion to e-conomic.

In addition, eKontoret makes a wide range of customer-specific customizations that give the customer an added value over the standard e-conomic. Their motto is “small adaptations attracts big customers”.