Integration to

Data transfers automatically.

Now you can manage your entire business from Worklogger!

You only need to log in to Worklogger to geta complete overview of your business. With our e-conomic integration, all your data is automatically synchronized to e-conomic.

We offer 2 integration options, Invoice and Project integration.

Invoice integration

With our invoice integration you can book and send invoices directly from Worklogger. We sync all your employees, customers, products and invoices to e-conomic. It’s never been easier to bill your customers!

Project integration

If you have activated the “Project Management” add-on module e-conomic, you can benefit from our project integration. As with the invoice integration we sync employees, customers, products and invoices, with the project integration we also sync projects and reported hours.

2-way communication between Worklogger and e-conomic (webhooks)

With webshooks, you get 2 way communication between Worklogger and e-conomic. This means that it is not only data from Worklogger that get syncronized to e-conomic, it is also data from e-conomic that is transfered to Worklogger.

In other words, you can work safely in both systems and be sure that your data is synchronized both ways.