Integration to Dinero

Book and send your invoices in Dinero, directly from Worklogger!

Invoice integration

With our invoice integration to Dinero, you can book and send invoices directly from Worklogger. We  automatically sync all your customers and invoices to Dinero. It’s never been easier to bill your customers!

Are you new to accounting? It’s easy!

Dinero is an online accounting system tailored to entrepreneurs and small businesses. If you are a craftsman, freelancer, hairdresser, designer, therapist or something in the same ball street, Dinero will be the perfect accounting system for your business.

Dinero is the only accounting system with automatic bookkeeping, which helps ensure that you do not have to handle complicated accounting rules or spend your hard earned money on accountants’ fees. In Dinero, just enter what you bought, and Dinero will choose the right account to place the voucher. Then you can spend your time focusing on your business. If it sounds too good to be true, you can see here how easy it is.

In addition, Dinero also has a wide range of features that make life as entrepreneur much easier.

  • Offer and invoice module – With Dinero, you can send your invoices anywhere, anytime. And you can even see if your customer has read the invoice. If the customer does not pay, you can send the case to a debt collection with a single click.
  • Smartphone app -Take a picture of your vouchers – they will automatically upload to Dinero, thus lost vouchers and curled receipts will be a thing of the past.
  • 1-Click Bookkeeping – Dinero automatically calculates and books your VAT, A-tax, AM-contribution, ATP, B-tax, on-account tax, Corporate tax, dividend tax, etc. – all with a single click.
  • Built-in bookkeeping help – although Dinero is easy, it may be nice with some help sometime. Therefore, we have built-in bookkeeping help, which is available every day from 9:00 to 22:00 throughout the year.
  • Auditor Access – You can give an accountant or bookkeeper access to your accounts online. Then you don’t have to meet physically, and your accountant / auditor can handle your account when it suits her. Do you have a good relationship with your accountant, then you can meet for a cup of coffee instead 🙂
  • Integration with other systems – Dinero interacts with over 30 other systems so you can automatically book your sales from your webshop, cash register, Worklogger or payroll system – and more are on the way. See the full list here