Integration to Bluegarden/Dataløn

Wage management has never been easier!

Overview, with a single click …

It has never been faster or easier to make handle wages than with our payroll! Before you export salaries and wages to Bluegarden/Dataløn, you will get a review and summarisation of the export to see if everything is as it should be. At the same time, you will get a complete overview of everything that will be paid per employee.

Payroll is easy, fast and secure with DataLøn

DataLøn is the preferred payroll system of Danish SMEs. It’s easy to get started and easy to work in – even without previous experience with a payroll system.

Do as 65,000 other Danish companies and use DataLøn from Bluegarden. You simply setup the integration between Worklogger and Bluegarden – Worklogger automatically creates an export file for Dataløn. You never have to worry about payroll again.

DataLøn – get started with an attractive welcome package
Bluegarden helps you get started with DataLøn. Even though it’s just a matter of setting up employees in DataLøn, Bluegarden does it all for you the first month. Before you start, Bluegarden checks that your business has been set up correctly by the Danish Enterprise Agency and that your account with your bank is a business account from which they can pay the salary of your employees.

All you have to to is make a “transfer service agreement” with Nets (OS02-Agreement). Bluegarden offers technical support and also helps you integrate with Worklogger. Then you know that everything is properly created from the start.

You can create your salary easy and efficient in DataLøn. It all takes place in a secure, internet-based program. Access to DataLøn happens via a logical and secure log-on procedure.

If you have questions, make a call or send an email to Bluegarden experts Team and they will help you.

Bluegarden and e-arkiv
When using DataLøn, you are automatically enrolled in Bluegarden’s electronic archive, e-archive. Here, Bluegarden stores all your payroll-data and you save archiving time and space. You can also save your own documents such as employment contracts and timesheets.

Get help from Bluegarden
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