GDPR and Worklogger

What does the new EU initiative mean for you as a customer at Worklogger

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is the name of the EU’s new personal data law. The purpose of GDPR is to protect EU citizens from abuse of their personal data. Therefore, by 25 May 2018, all European companies must step up their processes for how personal data is collected and processed safely.

“Privacy by design” and “by default” in Worklogger

Worklogger was designed from the very beginning by these principles, even before the EU made it into law.

Worklogger is designed to only allow users to access data on a need-to-know basis. Likewise, only personal data which are necessary for each specific purpose of the processing are processed between servers, computer and employee app.

Your personal data is secure with Worklogger

The security of your personal data is important to us – and the same applies to your customers. Therefore, we have added a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) to our terms and conditions that all customers must approve to use Worklogger. The agreement is a contract between you and us, which is a guarantee to you that we handle your personal data properly. In the agreement, you must consider whether you handle sensitive personal data in Worklogger, so that we can handle this data at a higher level of security.

Sensitive personal data should not normally be processed, but there are exceptions. In the case of:

  • Trade Union Membership
  • Health information
  • Race or ethnic origin
  • Political, religious or philosophical conviction
  • Genetic data
  • Sexual relationship or orientation

Most people do not use sensitive personal data and therefore need to tick “NO” when they accept our DPA. However, you can handle sensitive personal data, for example, if you charge a quota from members of a trade union. Another example could be if you are a pediatrician, you only handle sensitive personal data if you put a patient’s diagnosis on your invoices, which we highly advise not to do.

Your consent is a part of GDPR

The “Consent” concept is that part of the GDPR legislation, which concerns, for example, your active acceptance to receive emails from companies. It will protect you from receiving emails that you do not want or find relevant.

Worklogger would like to send you emails that enhance your experience with our platform. For example, you get information about news about Worklogger, invitations to relevant events and courses, and the opportunity to try new modules as the first. So, there is really much value to retrieve in Worklogger emails.

Get started with GDPR in your own business

Here you can find information and instructions for your own GDPR process.


The Danish Enterprise Agency has made a user-friendly ‘PrivacyKompas‘, which gives you insight into the questions that need to be answered in order for you to proceed to the GDPR process. You will also find help and inspiration to get started with your own privacy policy.


The Data Inspectorate is the main supervisory authority in Denmark when it comes to the subject of personal data. They have made some manuals that can be found on their site, including a general introduction to the data protection regulation.

EUs GDPR-portal

Du kan også læse om GDPR på EUs egen side, som bl.a. indeholder en FAQ til dem, der ønsker grundig information om lovgivningen. Vi anbefaler også denne infographic, som har en meget pædagogisk tilgang til GDPR. Selve GDPR-lovteksten kan du finde her.

You can also read more about GDPR on the EU’s own page, which contains a FAQ for those who want thorough information about the legislation. We also recommend this infographic, which has a very educational approach to GDPR. You can find the GDPR legislative text here.