Claus Nielsen

Claus NielsenCTO - Worklogger

“Time is money…”

Noel Birkholm

Noel BirkholmCEO - Worklogger

“You either waste, spend or invest time. Make your choice wisely.”

Mona Holmberg

Mona HolmbergWeb and Design - Worklogger

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”


“Imagine a workplace where customers always pay their invoices. Imagine a workplace where the company can trust that their employees use the worktime for work and don’t slack off. Imagine a workplace where the employee can trust that the company never cheats with the hours/salary.”

This utopian workplace only works so long that trust is intact between the customer, the employer and the employees.

  • What happens when the customer won’t pay his invoice due to inconsistencies between him and the company?
  • What happens when the company discovers that employees wrongfully report hours they spend on projects?
  • What happens when the employee discovers that the company holds back salary or won’t pay the rightful salaries?

When distrust occurs, the entire house of cards trembles!

Trust is not something you buy, trust is something you build!

Almost everyone today is protected by guarantees in one way or another:
– Customers (consumers) are protected by “consumer protection laws” when purchasing from companies.
– Employees are protected by labor unions and collective agreements when working for companies.

But what about the companies?

When companies hire employees, there are no guarantee that the Curriculum Vitae accurately describes the skills of the person they are about to hire. Personal recommendations from former employers can only gives an indication.
The truth is that when companies hire employees, it is always a gamble. Which is actually quite ironic since companies usually prefer calculation and planning when it comes to investments.

We believe there is a need for a fair platform that protects all parties.
Worklogger can document exactly who has done whatwhere and when! Worklogger is a guarantee to the company, the customer and the employees.

Our platform is completely transparent, both employers and employees have access to all log data available on the individual employee. This means that the employee can also document his work in case a discrepancy between the employee and the employer occurs.


It is not fair when customers won’t pay their invoices rightfully.
It is not fair that employees slack off during working hours or spend the time on private errands.
It is not fair for the company to swindle with the salary to the employees.

Our mission is to eliminates distrust between companies, customers and employees with a transparent platform that protects all parties!



Open and transparent atmosphere in the workplace.


True integrity is to make it right, knowing that nobody will know if you did it or not.

Efficiency and optimization

Without having to spend a lot of money.


It is equally fair that the employer gets the work that he pays for, as it is that an employee gets the salary he / she deserves.


Businesses work best when you combine opportunities with responsibility.

Driving force for change

Our platform eliminates distrust in the workplace through a totally transparent environment.